Man-Animal-Nature Collection

Our Animal Face T-shirts, acknowledging resilience of a species that's the adapted through generations.

Pick an animal face t-shirt and personify strength. All vying for dominance in a shared space, . Designed & infused in African Patterns our animal collection pays homage to our sometimes unseen neighbors.  all vying for dominance in a shared space.

Shop our collection of uniquely inspired designed T-shirts,  infused with an essence of culture, heritage and community.  

The Lion Face

Embrace the boldness of our Lion inspired T-shirt, a symbol of resilience and a loyalty to NOK’s African roots.

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Dare to rule...

The Tiger

The Tiger's Face: A symbol of strategic planning & skill, with patience eyes always watching.

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Dare to be...

The Elephant

They say an Elephant never forgets. Enjoy the uniqueness of these marvelous creatures

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Dare to know...

The Fox

An animal thats very unique, cunning and very skilled. Quiet, subtle but one of the most versatile bold, confident, and untamed

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Dare to challenge...